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miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013


Please welcome our TOP 10 FREE APPS designed to run your business successfully ... Someone help us complete the list?

Security at business comes first and that’s why you need to be protected by a good antivirus. By using our recommendation, you can analyze your computer constantly, activate various different protective shields, get statistical information for feedback, etc.

Full-featured office suite essential for writing documents, invoices, contracts, designing slide presentations for meetings with clients, investors, calculate cashflow, stock management, etc. And also create and manage your own database effectively.

Magnificent app for organizing visits to customers, send invitations, do some feedback and keep your agenda updated. You can manage your calendar without internet connection and also keep data synchronized constantly by using different devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop...you cannot forget any appointment.

In case that you need to save your own projects and data safely. Allows backup, multitask planning and also a wizard option shall you need to be rescued. Advanced options for experts.

Nice app for managing visual information. You can design your own billboards, edit images for your company website and blog, flyers, brochures, merchandising...very easy to use.

Suppose that you have to share large amounts of files, dossiers, projects, images...with different individuals. Dropbox provides 2Gb free storage in the cloud. You can choose what to share and with whom immediately.

This fantastic tool lets you control your Windows desktop remotely. Very useful for getting access to your own computer when you are out of office visiting clients, doing the queue at the bank, on a business trip...

Very helpful app in order to keep control of goods, orders, invoices, sales, purchasing, payments, etc. Simple and modern dressing. Your own company’s management has never been so easy.

Blogging is an exciting option to promote your own business. It allows you to communicate any kind of information related to your company and interact with your audience. Different options and templates to fit your corporate image.

Develop your own emailing campaign. Create a completely personalized email document, import contacts from different sources (windows, data base, outlook ...) and launch massive emailing to as many contacts as you want.


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